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NEWS: SoundTouch.NET has moved to GitHub

The move has completed and our new address is

Move announcement

The SoundTouch.NET project has been moved under GitHub and is no longer maintained on CodePlex.

  • This is a simple switch - migrated all source from CodePlex to GitHub. You'll be able to see checkins there, for example.
  • The project is open for pull requests there.
  • GitHub Issues fill be used for both discussions and bugs after the switch.
  • Check-in history has been preserved.

Project Description

The SoundTouch Library is originally written by Olli Parviainen in C++. Although a .NET wrapper library is available, this library aims to be a complete rewrite in C#.

This project includes the C# version of the example utility "SoundStretch".

SoundTouch library Features

  • Easy-to-use implementation of time-stretch, pitch-shift and sample rate transposing routines.
  • Full source codes available for both the SoundTouch library and the example application.
  • Clear and easy-to-use programming interface via a single C# class.
  • Supported audio data format : 16Bit integer or 32bit floating point PCM mono/stereo
  • Capable of real-time audio stream processing:
    • input/output latency max. ~ 100 ms.
    • Processing 44.1kHz/16bit stereo sound in realtime requires a 400 Mhz Intel Pentium processor or better.
  • Released under the GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL) v2.1

Original SoundTouch C++ project:

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