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Version update?

first post: Freefall wrote: Hey, I use your port for my media player and discovered some clip...

latest post: Freefall wrote: Awesome! Thank you so much for this work.

answered by: owoudenb wrote: I've migrated from CodePlex to GitHub (see announcement on frontpag...

The example does not handle a-law or u-law encoded WAV files

first post: ftamminga wrote: Consider this a warning to people who might discard this port becau...

Get Current pitch

first post: saneesh_kumar wrote: Hi All public float GetPitch() { return _virtualPitch; } By ...

latest post: LYF610400210 wrote: Most wave signals such as voice, musical instrument sound are made ...

Windows phone 7

first post: bogy54 wrote: Hello! I'm trying to use this library on a windows phone. How can...

Amplitude change

first post: saneesh_kumar wrote: Hi All, Can we edit the amplitude of the WAV file. Regards, Saneesh

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